With access to beaches, mountains, and rainforests, Costa Rica has become one of the most popular ecotourism hot-spots on the planet. More than 2.6 million tourists visited Costa Rica in 2016.

A favorite stop for many of these tourists is the Nicoya Peninsula, where you can find plenty of crowded beaches and resorts to party your days away. However, if you're looking for a more relaxed vibe and some great year-round waves, then you need to check out the Nosara region.

Read on to see the top reasons you should go surfing at Nosara Beach.

Less Crowded

Do you like being on the beach with hundreds of other people? Not really, right? Yeah, I doubt anyone does.

It would be even worse trying to share waves with that many other surfers, too. You'll find other surfers in Nosara, but it's not as busy as beach towns like Tamarindo, Jaco, or Manuel Antonio.

Whether you're new to surfing or an experienced rider, fewer people means more time for you on the waves.

Nosara Beach isn't Seasonal

Speaking of waves, they're good here all year. Yes, you heard correctly, there is no actual bad time to catch some waves in Nosara because they're very consistent.

Still, even with consistent waves, some say between December to April is the ideal time for the best waves.

Also, if you didn't know, the weather in Costa Rica is phenomenal. The lowest average temperature by month for Nosara is 25.6 degrees C (78 degrees F).

Does that sound like some pretty good surfing conditions to you?

Best Ecotourism in the World

Costa Rica is known for having the best ecotourism in the world. An estimated 26% of Costa Rican lands have been dedicated to national parks, wildlife reserves, and protected lands.

Costa Rica is small, being roughly the size of the state of West Virginia in the United States and the country of Denmark in Europe. Considering almost 1/3rd of the country is protected land, it is very easy to see and experience nature and wildlife in a more natural environment.

Nosara Beach is no different.

The Nosara Civic Association helps protect parklands and beaches in the Nosara Region. Two of the protected beaches are the Guiones and Pelada beaches, which are very popular surf spots in the area.

Top Instructors and Accommodations

Nosara has great surfing instructors for those looking to start riding their first waves. Del Mar Surf Camp employs some of the best surfers in Costa Rica and they're well certified to be instructing others.

If you're looking for lodging and/or relaxation between your surf sessions, then Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is just the place for you. Yoga, pilates, gym, dining, juice bar, and quality rooms are all part of your stay at Bodhi Tree.

To Surf or not to Surf?

Nosara Beach is a great place for beginners and veterans alike since there is so much consistency with the waves and the long surf breaks.

Great waves, great beaches, and great relaxation would make for a great time, wouldn't you agree?

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